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December 31, 2018

New Year's Resolutions: Emergency Care Edition

Nothing like seeing the calendar turn to January to inspire us to set some new goals.

For our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid instructors and Training Center directors, we’ve got a few emergency care-related ideas for New Year’s resolutions you might want to add to your list:

  • Next time you’re updating your phone contacts, double check that you’ve added your emergency contacts and set those up on speed dial. Be sure your whole family has the contact numbers they need on their devices. While you’re there, consider adding important numbers like the Poison Control Hotline (1-800-222-1222).
  • Inspire your peers by sharing your Good Samaritan student stories with the hashtags #ASHICPR and #MFACPR on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). Another great way to network with your emergency care colleagues is by submitting a TC Profile survey for our newsletter. You can find the survey links here: External TC (provides training for individuals or organizations for a fee) or Internal TC (offers training for employees/members at no charge).
  • Choose a few tips from our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid newsletter and give them a try: Learn how our Approval Database can help you find new customers. Address customer pain points for impactful marketing communications. Improve your hands-on skills sessions with our pro-tips.
  • Switch up your routine by trying an ASHI or MEDIC First Aid product or feature you haven’t used before: Use our instructions to make a DIY bleeding control prop for your next Advanced Bleeding Control class. Learn how you can accrue more Bot Bucks in our loyalty marketing program. Deliver video to your next class through a playlist you make in our Desktop Media Player (no Internet connection in the classroom required).

Whatever your goals are for 2019, ours remains the same: to provide our instructors and Training Center directors with the best programs and the best service in the industry.

Happy New Year!

HSI Offices and Warehouse Holiday Schedule: The HSI offices will be closed January 1, 2019. Our warehouse will be closed January 1-2, 2019. Orders placed after 2:00 p.m. Central Time on Monday, December 31 will be shipped Thursday, January 3, 2019.





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