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Onsite Delivery, Anywhere in the Country

If you need to coordinate training across multiple locations and/or multiple states, you have a resource to tap into our national network of experienced professional trainers for superior onsite CPR, AED or first aid training.

Our onsite services deliver emergency care training and program management throughout the United States, covering CPR, AED and first aid courses. One call and NTS schedules it all.

Deliver Consistent Nationwide Training

Experienced and qualified instructors deliver dynamic and engaging CPR, AED and first aid training to your employees, providing them with the skills and knowledge to respond to emergencies appropriately and with confidence.

Your single point of contact delivers complete scheduling and management of training for multiple locations, combining the quality, consistency and accountability of a leading national training organization with the flexibility and responsiveness of local instructors.


Increase the Odds of Survival

According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, more than 360,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur annually in the United States, with about 10,000 of them happening at work. Train your employees to respond by integrating CPR and AED training into your organization. 

This potentially life-saving capability is used by innumerable single- and multi-site businesses, nonprofits, school districts, municipalities and other organizations. We work with you to cover the critical elements of a successful early defibrillation program with training, AED device management and program tracking.

Find the Right Professional for You

Thousands of Health & Safety Institute (HSI) qualified instructors and expert consultants are located throughout the United States. Call us and we can quickly and efficiently send the professional that’s right for your need to your location.

All instructors are required to adhere to our effective quality assurance standards and must pass a background check and verification of their qualifications before training with HSI.


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