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May 19, 2015

Using HSI Blog Content

The readership for our HSI blog grows bigger by the week, and we’re so pleased to have each and every one of you with us. We also encourage you to re-post our blog articles on your training center website, employee newsletter, or wherever you want to share what you find here.

Sharing content is what it’s all about in the online world, and there are some best practices to follow when you do so to ensure that everyone benefits from these communications.

The inbound marketing experts at Hubspot posted a concise article a few years ago that clearly explains the ins-and-outs of reposts. It’s basically all about giving credit and that usually means adding a link back to your source. So if you refer to, or re-post, one of our posts, just grab that URL you see in your address bar in your browser window and add it as a hyperlink in your own post. The best place to paste it is where you cite the HSI blog as your source, just like we did when we mentioned the Hubspot article above.

The Hubspot article also covers how to cite content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and more, so if you are communicating through those avenues, be sure to check it out.

These best practices apply not only to words but to images as well. Yes, you can use that uber-cool infographic, as long as the creator gets a tip of the hat for their hard work.

And, if you’re really feeling inspired and want to write a post for us to use here, just let us know! You can use the comment fields below and we’ll be in touch.

Happy online posting, everyone!




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