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March 5, 2019

Training Solutions for Summer Camp Emergency Care

It might be hard to picture summer camp season with all the snow and cold temperatures around the country, but now is the ideal time to be sure your Training Center is ready for summer training opportunities.

The HSI Regulatory team is proud to announce that the ASHI Wilderness First Aid (WFA) program has been approved by the American Camp Association as meeting its accreditation standards for emergency care training when access to EMS is more than 30 minutes. ACA is the leading authority for summer camps and youth development, and we’re pleased to add this approval to those already held by ASHI & MEDIC First Aid from the ACA for basic first aid and CPR for when access to EMS is less than 30 minutes.

In addition to this important new recognition, ASHI’s comprehensive, 16-hour WFA course also meets or exceeds the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines, 2017 Edition.

Have you considered adding wilderness emergency care training to your Training Center offerings and marketing your classes to the outdoor recreation community in your area?

Why Offer Wilderness Emergency Care?

Specialized training such as that provided in ASHI’s WFA is critical for camp counselors, hike leaders, recreation tour guides, and others who play a leadership role or work in remote, outdoor settings.

Standard first aid training relies heavily on the fact that professional help is only minutes away. Wilderness first aid takes into account an expected delay of hours or even days for an EMS or professional response. In addition to the immediate stabilizing treatments found in standard first aid training, additional care and extended medical treatments will be necessary over time in these circumstances.

Outdoor emergency care considerations include:

  • Limited access to medical supplies

  • Exposure to outdoor elements

  • Medical emergencies that are rarely or never seen in an urban setting

  • The need for evacuation of an ill or injured person

Don’t let our current winter wonderland fool you – spring is on its way and the outdoor recreation industry is already gearing up. Be sure your Training Center is on their radar for providing the lifesaving skills they need to respond and to help fulfill their emergency care training requirement.

ASHI Wilderness First Aid

Getting your own outdoor adventure plans in order? Don’t forget your first aid kit! Check out our infographic for suggestions on what to take when you venture out into remote areas. You’ll find it here.




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