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November 26, 2019

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

Whether you are cooking for a big gathering at your home or traveling to a holiday family reunion, remember to make safety a priority this Thanksgiving.

Food Safety

The CDC offers four simple tips for the home chef in charge of the big meal:

  • Thaw your turkey safely in the refrigerator in a container, in a leak-proof plastic bag in a sink of cold water (change the water every 30 minutes), or in the microwave, following the microwave oven manufacturer’s instructions. Never thaw your turkey by leaving it out on the counter.

  • Prevent the spread of bacteria by handling your turkey the right way. Click here for the four steps to food safety: clean, separate, cook, and chill.

  • Serving stuffing at your holiday table? Cooking stuffing separately from the turkey in a casserole dish makes it easy to be sure it is thoroughly cooked. If you cook stuffing in the turkey, put the stuffing in the turkey just before cooking.

  • Cook that big bird thoroughly! Use a food thermometer to make sure the turkey has reached a safe internal temperature of 165°F. Check by inserting a food thermometer into the center of the stuffing and the thickest portions of the breast, thigh, and wing joint. Even if your turkey has a pop-up temperature indicator, you should still use a food thermometer to check that it is safely cooked.

Travel Safety

For those choosing the highway for their holiday travel, AAA reminds drivers to:

  • Map your route in advance and be prepared for busy roads during the most popular times of the year. If possible, consider leaving earlier or later to avoid heavy traffic.

  • Keep anything of value in the trunk or covered storage area.

  • If you’re traveling with children, remind them not to talk to strangers. Go with them on bathroom breaks and give them whistles to be used only if the family gets separated.

  • Have roadside assistance contact information on hand.

  • In case of an emergency, keep a cell phone and charger with you at all times.

Traveling above the clouds? Travel + Leisure advises the smart passenger to:

  • Pay attention to the flight attendants during the safety briefing and read the safety briefing card. It could save your life in an emergency.

  • Leave hazardous materials at home – Whether for checked bags or carry-ons, check the FAA's complete list of hazardous items before you leave for the airport.

  • When you're in your seat, keep the seatbelt fastened. It's a simple step that will keep you safe in the event of unexpected turbulence (and it's often unexpected).

  • If you're flying with a young child in your lap, don't expect to be able to protect them in the event of rough air—let alone an emergency. The FAA has a video that shows how to install a child safety seat on a plane.

From the HSI family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

HSI holiday hours: The HSI offices and warehouse will be closed November 28 and 29, 2019 for the Thanksgiving holiday. Orders placed after 2 p.m. Central Time on Wednesday, November 27 will be shipped on Monday, December 2, 2019.

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