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May 28, 2019

Spreading the Word about Training for National CPR and AED Awareness Week

June 1-7 is National CPR and AED Awareness Week, and we’ve got some resources to help you tell the world why training is so important in helping make our workplaces and communities safer.

Our newest resource is our video stories page on our website, a place for you to share in your own words your thoughts on a number of emergency care topics. Our first question on the page is, “What inspired you to become an emergency care instructor?”

The page allows you to share your inspiration with your potential students and fellow instructors. We want to promote you and your passion for teaching, so you'll also see the videos on our social media channels. (You can find links to all our social media channels in the footer at the bottom of our emergency care webpages.)

There are two ways to submit your story on the page: you can upload a video file, or simply record yourself on the spot using the webcam on your phone or computer. To learn more about this project, and for a demonstration on using the webcam upload feature, click here for a short video.

Once you submit your video, we’ll need about 2 business days to review submissions before posting them on the page. Plus, for a limited time, your Training Center will accrue $15 in Bot Bucks for each instructor video submission. (Limited to 10 instructor submissions per Training Center. Must include Training Center name when submitting video. Bot Bucks accrual offer valid until June 15, 2019.)

We have also recently posted a video featuring an amazing Good Samaritan rescue story on our video resources page here. If you need to inspire a potential student to take that CPR, AED, or first aid class they’ve been thinking about, feel free to share the link!

And, as always, we invite you join the conversation throughout our social media channels by using the hashtags #ASHICPR and #MFACPR when you post about your TC, classes, or students.

Visit the Video Stories Page 




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