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August 24, 2021

Returning to the Office? Review your CPR, AED and First Aid Safety Procedures

More Americans are returning to in-person work settings, and this transition will have its own set of challenges. For example, businesses will need to continue to adapt policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But it’s also important to evaluate and improve upon existing safety programs.

If your business or workplace is returning to the office, now is a great time to go over your CPR, AED and First Aid safety procedures.


Why emergency care training is important for businesses

CPR, AED and First Aid training equips employees with lifesaving skills that can be used on the job or at home. Whether an employee experiences sudden cardiac arrest, severe bleeding or a workplace injury, training empowers employees to take control of the situation and provide essential care before EMS arrives.

Emergency care training has the added benefit of reducing workplace emergencies and injuries. Scenario-based CPR, AED and First Aid training promotes learning and retention that helps employees identify potential hazards and become more aware of their surroundings.

Here’s a video from an HSI Instructor who saw the benefits of having emergency care training at her own workplace, detailing two lives that were saved thanks to the training.


How to get CPR, AED and First Aid training for your workplace

HSI’s emergency care training programs offer solutions to help businesses improve health, safety and compliance. There are two primary options for streamlining your CPR, AED and First Aid training:

  1. Become an in-house training center. Use our video-driven, instructor-facilitated courses for an easy, consistent way to train employees.

  2. Use HSI’s National Training Solution (NTS) network. NTS can help you meet your emergency care compliance goals by bringing CPR, AED and First Aid training directly to you. You’ll have access to a large network of instructors, along with one contact who will schedule and manage emergency care classes at all your locations, statewide or nationwide.

Learn how HSI handles the coordination and scheduling of your on-site emergency care training through the NTS network of qualified instructors and connect with our team to get started!




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