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April 7, 2017

Regulatory Win for ASHI

Congratulations to HSI’s regulatory team for a recent approval for ASHI training from the D.C. Board of Medicine.

When the Board met in February of this year, they voted unanimously to approve ASHI’s CPR training, “…for purposes of meeting the requirements of DC Code 3-1205.04(r)(3)(A) regarding Trauma Technologists,” which states:

“Successfully completed and provided evidence of course completion of a life support training course, which includes all adult, child, and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation and airway obstruction skills, from an agency approved by the Board, which teaches these skills in accordance with the current American Heart Association Guidelines for Basic Life Support at the health care provider level.”

Every day, our regulatory experts work with governing bodies around the country to ensure approval for the ASHI and MEDIC First Aid programs taught by our Training Centers. Often, a new approval can mean a new market of potential customers for a Training Center, enabling them to target their marketing to those impacted by a new piece of legislation or by giving customers the opportunity to choose ASHI or MEDIC First Aid training.

To help our entrepreneurial Training Centers better understand what HSI’s regulatory department can do to help them grow their training business, please join us on April 25, 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time (11:00 a.m. Pacific) for a free, 45-minute webinar:

Regulatory 101 – Navigating Occupational and Industry Licensure

Ever-evolving regulatory requirements mean you have the potential to reach and acquire new customers. In this 30-minute webinar from HSI, learn how regulatory issues impact your market, and how this information can be used to direct your marketing efforts towards new customer segments or steer clear of closed markets. There will be a 15-minute question and answer period immediately after the webinar.

You can sign up for the free webinar by clicking the button at the bottom of today's post. We hope you’ll join us!

Special shout out to D.C. area Training Centers: For more information on this recent ASHI approval by the D.C. Board of Medicine, contact Kristal Langner at 800-447-3177 x325.

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