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June 18, 2019

Reducing Exposure to Cancer for the 2019 Firefighter Safety Stand Down

Research continues to confirm that the rate of some cancers among firefighters is greater than that of the general population, so it’s no surprise the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the National Volunteer Fire Council chose cancer awareness as the theme for this year’s Firefighter Safety Stand Down.

The Safety Stand Down:

[W]ill take place from June 16-22. Fire and EMS departments are encouraged to suspend all non-emergency activity during Safety Stand Down in order to focus on training and education related to this year’s theme.

Safety Stand Down ... is designed to increase awareness and action so that safety and health become a priority in all fire and emergency service departments.

This year’s theme is REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURE: IT’S EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY. Cancer is one of the most serious threats facing firefighters, but there are specific actions you can take to lessen the risks to yourself and your crew. 

The site offers resources, activity ideas, webinars, and other information agencies can use in their own awareness events. Be sure to check out their success stories page to see what other departments around the country are doing to spread the word about this dangerous workplace hazard.

24-7 EMS Online Training: Emergency Responders, Fire, and Cancer

This program is intended to raise awareness among fire service personnel about the elevated risk of cancer associated with working as an emergency responder to a fire-related emergency.

The course provides personal accounts of people affected by cancer, an overview of the relationship between firefighting and cancer, and an introduction to basic intervention strategies for line personnel to help reduce exposure to carcinogens and other harmful materials. 

A portion of the proceeds from this program is donated to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN).

For a course preview you can share at your next safety meeting, click here for our Smoke Alarms video. For individuals or agencies wishing to purchase the course, click the button below.

Emergency Responders, Fire, and Cancer Course




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