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May 3, 2016

New Digital Tools for G2015

Our I.T. department has been very busy programming some new features and options into our soon-to-be-released G2015 ASHI and MEDIC First Aid emergency care programs. Here’s a sneak peek of just a few things you can expect:

Video Streaming & Playlists

  • Create custom playlists based on the video sections of ASHI and MEDIC First Aid DVDs – note: Mandatory videos and sequencing ensure that the core topics are always included
  • Netflix-style video player includes high quality thumbnails and background images for each video segment in the playlist

Updated Blended Learning & Blended Learning Playlists

  • The blended learning platform features an updated user interface designed for all device types: desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone
  • New look and simplified interface
  • Customize the blended learning experience for your students by adding supplemental lessons to the core program lessons

Digital Performance Evaluations

  • Pre-built digital Performance Evaluations for ASHI and MEDIC First Aid training program classroom skills
  • Automatic updates to ensure you get the latest version of each evaluation form

Digital Instructor Materials

  • Digital versions of the latest version of all printed materials, with documents available in PDF and ePub (when applicable) formats

Class Roster & Digital Certification Management

  • Track past, present, and future classes with Otis
  • Track all aspects of your classes, including date(s) and time(s), instructors, attendance roster, notes, status, and scores

These tools and features will be available to you through your Otis portal. We will also have a new mobile application, available through Apple and Android app stores, including the following Otis features:

  • Video streaming & playlists
  • Digital performance evaluations
  • Digital instructor materials
  • Class roster & digital certification management|

Plus we’ll even have some “offline” options for when you aren’t hooked up to the Internet:

  • Admins can complete rosters, evaluations in an offline mode
  • When an Internet connection is available, data is synchronized, and the latest versions of materials can be downloaded

We’re excited to bring these new tools and resources to you for G2015. Be sure we have your most current email address so we can contact you as soon as the new programs are available. You can log in to Otis and check your contact info at the button below.

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