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October 27, 2020

Introducing AVERT: Go Beyond Active Shooter Training

Active violence incidents can happen anywhere, from office settings to healthcare facilities to sporting venues and places of worship. Therefore, all businesses and institutions need to have an emergency action plan in place and have trained responders.

Active Shooter TrainingHSI recently launched new training to empower people to respond appropriately during an active violence emergency.

AVERT, short for Active Violence Emergency Response Training, goes beyond active shooter training by also teaching emergency bleeding control techniques.

While other training programs focus solely on active shooter or stop the bleed training, AVERT combines both topics so you get two sets of skills - active shooter response and emergency bleeding control - in one training.

AVERT for Instructors and Training Centers

In addition to the HSI CPR, AED and First Aid programs you already provide, you’ll now be able to offer critical training in active shooter response and emergency bleeding control. This program will allow you to expand your course offerings and continue to meet your customer’s or your internal organization's diverse needs.

AVERT is designed so that anyone can teach the program with confidence.

Anyone can teach AVERT. However, due to the subject matter and dynamic nature of how AVERT is taught, all Instructors must attend an AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC) in order to begin teaching the program.

AVERT Instructor kit_cut out_DSC2549

The AVERT IDC uses a blended training format that includes realistic drills with specific training aids required to enhance the student experience.

The online portion takes approximately two hours. And the in-person portion of the course can be completed in less than eight hours.

Along with the AVERT IDC, you’ll get everything you need to get started and grow your business. This includes:

  • AVERT Instructor Training Kit (e.g. 15 training tourniquets, 15 wound cubes with gauze, 10 distraction objects, 1 orange training rifle, 1 orange training handgun, 1 large backpack style bag)

  • AVERT Instructor polo shirt

  • AVERT Instructor Portal with direct access to your peers and the experts who developed the program

  • All digital updates to the AVERT program

  • First-year AVERT Instructor authorization fee

  • Opportunity to join the AVERT National Training Solution network

  • Discount pricing and affiliate program for emergency TAC+PAC kits 

Become an AVERT Instructor today, so you can start bringing this important training to your Training Center and customers.

 To learn more about how AVERT can benefit your organization, check out these Active Shooter Facts or request AVERT training now.




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