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May 21, 2018

EMS Education Day

EMS Week (May 21-27) kicks off today with EMS Education Day.

The EMS Strong website explains the objectives of Education Day as:

“One of the biggest ways an EMS provider can impact their community is to educate the public about ways they can prevent illness or injury. Education Day seeks to highlight educational programs that serve the public as well as the importance of individual EMS provider continuing education.”

Our recent blog post, Stronger Together for National EMS Week 2018, focused on the Education Day goal of “…to educate the public about ways they can prevent illness or injury,” and included a quick look at how HSI’s American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) makes it easy for EMS professionals who like to teach emergency care to become ASHI-authorized instructors with their own Training Center. Whether you are seeking to train your community, your own agency members or begin your own training business, ASHI has programs for every audience.

Now, let’s look at the other goal of Education Day of “…the importance of individual EMS provider continuing education.” For busy EMS providers and budget-minded EMS agencies, HSI’s 24-7 EMS and Fire online courses save you time and money while helping you meet your CE goals:

  • Over 100 online approved EMS CE courses for EMRs, EMTs and paramedics. Over 70 firefighter development and 15 workplace safety courses.
  • Convenient learning management system (LMS) for online administration, allowing agencies and departments to assign, track and report on training.
  • High-quality, video-based courses that are affordable for both individuals and for agencies on tight budgets.

Every 24-7 course follows the most current national EMS education guidelines or firefighter training standards, with approvals for continuing education in every state. Your LMS comes fully loaded with user-friendly tools to manage student progress, online and classroom scheduling and automated CAPCE reporting.  

Need to incorporate local protocols into your training? The LMS lets you create your own courses and deliver them through the same easy-to-use system that administers your purchased courses.

24-7 EMS and Fire offer continuing education training solutions for individuals and agencies. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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