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September 21, 2021

Emergency Care Training for First Responders: Your Training Center is Needed

Law enforcement, emergency medical services personnel, fire and healthcare providers all need emergency care training and certification. But their demanding work schedules can make it difficult to schedule training classes.

As an HSI Instructor or Training Center, you’re in a unique position to provide training to first responders who need flexible schedules and a straightforward approach.

Training first responders: A case study

Here’s a great case study from an HSI Training Center that primarily focuses on training first responders.

Training Center director Dr. J. Hudson Garrett, Jr. says his students benefit from:

  1. Quality content. “These students have challenging work schedules that make it hard to find time to do training”, said Dr. Garrett. HSI’s programs are available in multiple formats, including in-person, blended learning and Remote Skills Verification (RSV). This makes them a convenient option for first responders. For example, “…The blended learning option provides the flexibility to work on course content online at a time that’s best for them, requiring time away from their duties only for the skills check-off portion of the class.”

  2. Real-life scenarios. The training videos, student workbook and practice scenarios are designed around real-life situations. This helps to hold the student’s attention and allows each person to relate to and prepare for realistic emergencies in their field.

  3. Flexibility to combine courses. HSI’s training programs are designed to be taught as stand-alone courses or in combination with others to fit your students’ needs. For example, Dr. Garrett regularly combines Basic Life Support (BLS) and Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) to provide more thorough training for first responders.

First responders can expect straightforward content that is easy to understand and, most importantly, easy to apply in the field.

Provide flexible training options for first responders

First responders are often under immense stress in their line of work, with limited time for training.

If their training is on the clock, that’s crucial time out of the field. If their training is done on their usual days off, that’s valuable time away from their families. Therefore, you have the opportunity to have an exponential impact in your community by tailoring your services to first responders.

Position yourself to gain first responder students by offering blended learning and RSV options, depending on the course.

New to RSV? Learn how RSV can give you the freedom to offer blended training with live, online remote skills verification.





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