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July 29, 2013

Starting Your Own Training Center Business: Go!

Today we’re wrapping up our three-part series about starting your own training center business. (See parts one and two of this series). Now that you have the building blocks of your business in order and you’re quickly becoming a corporate mogul with all your business research efforts, let’s put the pieces together into an actual business plan. Then it will be time to start crafting your unique message to your customers.

Business PlanBe the Man (or Woman!) with the Plan

Financial institutions often require a business plan before investing in a venture. But even if no one is requiring a plan from you, it’s an excellent idea to create one just for yourself. It’s a chance to be objective about your whole enterprise and be sure you build in all the steps you’ll need to achieve the success you want.

Today’s download offers some food for thought about the pieces that go into a business plan, such as executive summaries and operations logistics, and some websites that offer expert advice on pulling that info all together. Click on the button at the end of the blog post to get your copy.

Your Message: Getting It Right, Getting It Out There

As a marketer at HSI, all aspects of “MarCom” (Marketing Communications) are near and dear to my heart. Every company has a unique voice and what they say about their products and services and how they say it can take many different forms.

Customer SatisfactionVery often, companies will modify their tone and messaging depending on whom they are directing their communication piece towards. The more you understand your customer base, the more you can tailor messaging right to any individual groups within that whole. For example, if you provide required emergency care training services to the healthcare industry, your standard message can be modified to reflect the needs of those who have direct patient contact and those who don’t.

However your customer base breaks down, there are still core “talking points” you’ll want to consistently make in your communications. These will develop and change over time as your business grows, but you’ll always want a firm handle on:

    • What it is you offer (ALL your products and services)
    • How your training center is different from your competitors (what are your special strengths?)

Another thing to show in your communications is how well you understand what your customer wants. Find that need, let your customer know you “get it,” and then show them how you and your training center are the answer. As you get to know your customers, you’ll probably discover some needs they might not even know they have (such as training newly required for their industry, or maybe something as simple as your ability to provide digital certification cards if they’re moving towards a paper-free office). Be their go-to source for solutions!

Our marketing planning outline has a basic roadmap for you to follow when creating your “corporate messaging plan.” Determining your unique value proposition and key messaging points in advance make communicating easier down the road. It’s easy to get stuck with writer’s block when you are creating an ad or working up your cold calling script. Having a marketing messaging plan gives you a framework to refer back to and keeps your messaging on track and consistent. It’s all in today’s download.

Business & Marketing Planning

We’re delighted you have started your own ASHI or MEDIC First Aid training center business. Welcome to the family and let us know how we can help!




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