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December 17, 2019

Best Year-End Practices for Your Training Business

With only a few weeks left of 2019, it’s time for small businesses nationwide to start closing out the books for this year and making a game plan for next year. Today we’re sharing tips on what you can do now to get 2020 off to a great start, all customized for your ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Training Center.

LegalZoom offers 10 year-end tips for small businesses, including:

"Get your vendor lists in shape. Update addresses, phone numbers, and the names of your key contacts. Delete or archive vendors you don't use anymore. This yearly housekeeping will help keep your lists organized and ready for orders and payments in the coming year." HSI pro-tip: In addition to our programs and certification materials, did you know we can also serve as your one-stop vendor for the supporting products and training aids you need for your emergency care classes? Our online store in Otis has manikins, feedback devices, bleeding control kits, AEDs, and more. Otis lets you access previous purchases for quick re-ordering.

"Update employee information. Make sure you have accurate contact information for your employees." HSI pro-tip: Having up-to-date email addresses for all your instructors in Otis means they won’t miss any important news from HSI about new programs, upcoming deadlines, and more. If your instructors are not receiving this information, they may have unsubscribed from our communications in the past. To resubscribe, click here. In addition, be sure to review your instructors’ reauthorization dates. You can learn more about our new reauthorization options here.

"Back up computers and mobile devices. If you use cloud-based software, you may think you're covered. But experts caution against relying on just one backup method—even if it's a well-known cloud service. They recommend backing everything up on two digital platforms, in two locations, plus having one copy in print or on a local server or hard drive." HSI Pro-tip: A lack of robust backup systems can make small businesses especially vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. For tips on protecting your digital assets, see our blog post here.

"Take inventory. [An] end-of-year inventory… shows what's selling well and what's not, helping you decide what to pursue in the year to come." HSI Pro-tip: Did you offer a new ASHI or MEDIC First Aid program at your TC this year? How were your sales for those classes? Whether you’ve found a new customer favorite or choose to focus exclusively on our core CPR, first aid, and AED program offerings, get a jump on the new year by having your student completion packs and blended learning credits ready on day one. Don’t forget that participating TCs can improve their pricing level for 2020 by stocking up on certification materials and classroom supplies from HSI by December 31, 2019. For more details, click here.

"Take a good look at your website. Your website should not be a "create it and forget it" item. Go through your site and click on every link to make sure it works. Send yourself a note using the contact form and confirm that it's functioning. Does your website look fresh and up to date? Does it match the image you want your business to project? If not, put a website update on your list for next year." HSI Pro-tip: No website for your TC? Make 2020 the year you create one! For suggestions on how to get started, see our newsletter article here.

To see all 10 tips from LegalZoom, read their article here.

Questions on the tools and resources available in Otis to help streamline your TC administration? Our CSRs and Tech Support experts are here for you. For contact info, click the button below.

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