ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Blog

March 18, 2015

I'll Take ASHI for $100, Alex

Were you watching Jeopardy last Friday? If you were, you may have seen the answer: American Safety & Health Institute pairs this "un-" word meaning non-reactive with "& not breathing" in a scenario. The question: "What is unresponsive?" 

We were especially tickled to see "scenario" in the answer. Both ASHI and MEDIC First Aid programs rely on real-life scenarios to make training more memorable for students. Very often, the scenarios unfold in a workplace setting, and that's where many of us receive (and might use) our emergency care training. Making it real and making it relevant is what helps build that confidence to respond and ultimately that's what saves lives.

And hey, we were on TV and that's always cool! For those of you who just can't help playing along when you watch Jeopardy, we hope you guessed right!