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October 10, 2017

Advanced Training with ASHI G2015 ACLS and PALS Programs

When healthcare providers, first responders and other professional-level emergency care students need advanced training, what can your Training Center offer? ASHI has your answer with scenario (case-based), G2015-compliant continuing education courses for trained and skilled providers who either di­rect or participate in cardiopulmonary emergencies and resuscitation efforts.

Both ASHI’s Advanced Car­diac Life Support (ASHI ACLS™) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (ASHI PALS™) programs are based on course textbooks by respected subject matter expert Barbara J. Aehlert, RN, BSPA. Her ACLS Study Guide, 5th Edition and PALS Study Guide, 4th Edition provide students a solid foundation for the knowledge and skills it takes to manage these serious medical emergencies.

Plus, our G2015 programs offer a number of new instructor resources:

  • Study Guide, Instructor Guide and Lesson Plans
  • Program Chapter Slide Presentations
  • Scenario Sheet Checklists and Debriefing Sheet
  • Drug Dosing and Administration Simulation Cards
  • Performance Evaluations and Test Bank
  • Validated Written Exam Versions A&B

ASHI ACLS and PALS offer two-year certification periods, and come with an Instructor Guide, Study Guide, Digital Resource Kit and slide presentations. Emergency Medical Services continuing education hours (CEH) are provided through HSI, an organization accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE).

Give your advanced students an opportunity to enhance and refine their knowledge and hands-on skill proficiency in emergency cardiovascular care with ASHI’s G2015 ACLS and PALS programs. Order your programs by calling 800-447-3177 or logging into OTIS at the button below.

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