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April 15, 2016

A Little Spring Cleaning for Your Training Center

It’s not just our houses that could use a little “spring cleaning” around this time of year. As long as you’re sprucing things up, why not do some easy maintenance for your training business as well?

The business2community website offers “10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Business Owners,” with some suggestions that can make a big difference for your business’s professionalism and ease of administration, including:

Clean Up Your Website – It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, and sometimes just some tidying up is all that’s needed. This can mean reworking the way information is presented to make it easier for Web users to digest, or aiming for a cleaner design.

Get Mobile – A simple website doesn’t cut it in today’s Internet-obsessed environment. Mobile sites should make it easier for people to view content from their phone or tablet, and mobile sites are arguably more important these days than desktop versions. Mobile has the potential to lead to additional revenue opportunities, which is why incorporating a responsive site for your business is so crucial.

Inventory Assessment – Just as spring is a great time for homeowners to take on that long-delayed garage project or closet cleanup effort, so too can small business owners with inventory. Set aside the time to examine what’s on hand and what should be cleared out.

Clean Out that Inbox – When emails go unread and begin to pile up, it can become a legitimate nuisance that damages your ability to be productive. A lot of it may be junk mail that just needs to be deleted, but it’s also possible that you’re missing important information in an email buried deep in that unread pile.

You can read the complete article here.

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