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September 22, 2020

Falls Prevention Awareness Week: Preventing Falls in Older Adults

National Falls Prevention Awareness Week (September 21-25, 2020) is designed to reduce falls among older adults by providing practical lifestyle..

September 15, 2020

Remote Skills Verification: RSV In Action

COVID-19 presented new training barriers for Training Centers, Instructors and students across the country. But through Remote Skills Verification..

September 8, 2020

How to Position Your Hands for CPR

CPR can help keep the brain and other vital organs alive during cardiac arrest by pushing oxygen-filled blood throughout the body. High-quality..

September 1, 2020

National Preparedness Month 2020

National Preparedness Month takes place each September as a way to promote family and community disaster planning. This year’s theme is: Disasters..

August 25, 2020

Back to School Safety: COVID Edition

Students across the country are gearing up for a new school year. But instead of just the normal back-to-school excitement, parents and teachers..




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