Quality Assurance

Valid, Defensible, Effective

Health & Safety Institute (HSI) has a valid, defensible and effective quality assurance system specifically designed to monitor and improve the performance of  ASHI and MEDIC First Aid approved Training Centers and authorized instructors.  We conduct random quality assurance reviews of our Training Centers, and resolve complaints against Training Centers and instructors in a fair, reasonable, consistent and timely manner.  Our Training Center Standards are revised regularly and published in the HSI Training Center Administrative Manual (TCAM).   As transparency is of particular importance in matters of health and safety training, the TCAM is freely available to anyone with an interest in our quality assurance and improvement practices - including regulatory authorities, occupational licensing boards, national and international organizations, professional associations, educational accreditors, purchasers of ASHI and MEDIC First Aid training programs and products and class participants.

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Registry Status Database

As part of our strong commitment to quality assurance, HSI is the only nationally recognized emergency care training sponsor that maintains an online registry status database of approved Training Centers and authorized instructors. Using this search tool, regulators, employers, prospective customers and students can easily verify the approval and authorization status of Training Centers and instructors.

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Rate Your Program

We encourage individuals who have participated in an ASHI or MEDIC First Aid course to spend a few minutes providing feedback directly to HSI through our online Rate Your Program course evaluation. In an effort to reward excellence and to strengthen future training efforts, we share both your praise and criticism with our Training Centers and instructors.

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A complaint is a written allegation that a Training Center, Training Center Director or authorized instructor has committed a dishonest, unethical or unprofessional act, or has violated an applicable law, administrative rule or regulation. Anyone may submit a written complaint against an ASHI or MEDIC First Aid Training Center or instructor, including HSI. Complaints must be submitted in writing, and we do not act on anonymous or verbal complaints. To the extent possible, we will keep the complainant’s identity confidential throughout our inquiry. For more on our complaint process, please refer to Terms and Conditions for Complaints and Credential Inquiries in the HSI Training Center Administrative Manual (TCAM). To submit a complaint online, click the appropriate training program brand below.

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