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July 13, 2018

Training Center Portal Tech Tips

 The American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) and MEDIC First Aid training programs are managed through our user-friendly online administration system. Our Tech Support crew has compiled some FAQs about using the system and have shared their answers in today’s blog post.

How do I print a roster of students for a blended learning class?

When you log in to your TC portal, search the class you want a roster for and click “Edit Class,” you’ll find numbered steps at the top of your screen. Choose Step 3, "Build Class Roster," and click the "Review Roster" tab on the right side of the screen. Above the list of student names, you will find the "Print Class Roster" button.

A new window will appear with a PDF showing the student names that you can download to your hard drive or send directly to your printer.

How do I add a student to an open blended learning class roster?

From your system dashboard, find the "Training" section in the lower left corner and click "Add Student" on any upcoming class to add a student name to the roster. You will be able to enter a name and email address, and the system will even suggest names that look the same in case that student has previously taken a class with you.

How do I repurchase blended learning credits?

Looking for a shortcut for repurchasing online course credits? Your dashboard shows you all the credits you've purchased in the past. Simply click on the quantity (even if it says zero) to open a shopping cart and purchase more of the same.

Online purchases take about 15 minutes to deliver credits to your account. Simply refresh the page to see your new quantity, and you're ready to start building classes.

Recovering Username and Password

When you go to the login page for administrator or instructor portal, you'll find options to "Recover Username" or "Recover Password" directly under the Username and Password boxes. Just enter your email address or the username (if known), and you’ll be sent an email with a temporary code to unlock the account immediately.

Once you get the username or temporary code, you can enter it and, if resetting the password, specify a new password. You will be required to enter the new password twice. Then click "Reset Password" to record the new password and unlock the account.

To finish, click the "Login" button and log in with the new password you created.

Please note: Using these recovery tools to quickly re-access your Username or Password requires that the email address we have on file matches the current email you are using. If you have changed your email since your account was originally set up, please contact our Client Services department at 800-447-3177 to put in a change request.

For help with the system, please call Technical Support at 877-440-6049 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern) Monday-Friday and we’ll walk you through any of our tools or give you an overall refresher for the whole system.

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