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May 1, 2015

Be Inspired with Good Samaritan Stories from HSI

Let’s dive right in to today’s dose of inspiration with some Good Samaritan stories from our emergency care instructors around the country.

MEDIC First Aid instructor Linda Calderiso in Bellingham, MA tells us about Kirk Blaisdell and an incident that took place just over a year ago at the American Barbeque in Beverly, MA.

While Kirk and 5 other people were enjoying a prime rib dinner, one of the gentlemen in the party suddenly stood up and held onto the table. After talking with the man, Kirk noticed the look of panic. Kirk asked if his friend was choking, to which the man nodded. Kirk administered abdominal thrusts, getting all of the obstruction cleared by the second thrust.

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On April 1 of this year, father and son Garry and Tim Sauls made a lifesaving difference in Lockport, NY. MEDIC First Aid instructor Keith Price tells the story:

“Garry Sauls owns a machine company in Lockport and has, for many years, provided our Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) chapter with a training site for MEDIC First Aid classes. Last year he purchased an AED after my urging him to do so for several years.

Just after arriving at his office on April 1, 2015, he heard someone shout "CALL 911". Dropping his coat and briefcase on the floor, he ran out to the shop area and found a 61-year-old employee unconscious on the floor. The victim was not breathing normally and was just "gurgling.”

Garry's son Tim had gone to get the new AED. Garry and Tim connected the victim to the AED and over the next five minutes two shocks were administered as well as CPR. The local fire company arrived within about five minutes and the patient started showing signs of consciousness.

The fire company's paramedic explained that, because of Garry’s and Tim’s immediate actions, the patient had a much better chance of survival.

The fire company transported the patient to the hospital for further care. Garry later said that, because he had taken the MEDIC First Aid BasicPlus course many times over the years, that ‘everything became automatic.’ Tim just completed the course on February 21, 2015.

Thanks to the training that Garry and Tim received and the availability of the AED, the patient is alive and doing well.”

Well done to all our heroes!

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